A section break with customizable styling


Use this component to create a section break – i.e. end the previous section of content and start a new one – and style the next section. If you want to style the first section on a page, just put this component before any other content.

Previous section of content

  include section.html

Next section of content


URL to background image, scaled to cover the section based on its contents.

Solid color background


Whether the section should be forced to dark (true) or light (false) mode.

Match visitor's currently selected dark/light mode


Width/padding of the section. Set to wide to make section take up entire page width, e.g. for large tables of data. Set to full to make section take up entire screen width, with no margins, e.g. for use with 100% width figures to make banner images.

Limited width

Tip: Put a section break before every # Heading 1 and ## Heading 2 to visually break up your content and make it more readable.

Sections also have a solid color that overlays any background image to always maintain readability of text.

section.scss style has an editable variable for the width limit. When on large desktop screens, most websites limit the width of text content in the center of the screen to make it easier to read.

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