Set up your site

There are two ways to start your copy of the template from GitHub: generating or forking. They each have pros and cons:

Generate (recommended)Fork


  • Clean commit and Actions history; a "fresh start".

  • Can have multiple per user/organization.


Once you decide which approach to take, follow the appropriate setup steps below. We've tried to automate this setup for you as much as possible, within the limitations of GitHub!

    1. Name your repo something like your-lab-website to avoid confusion with the template itself.

    2. Set the repo to "Public" visibility.

    3. Uncheck "Include all branches".

  1. In your repo's "▶️ Actions", find the "first time setup" workflow and run it manually. Wait for it to complete (~30 seconds).

  2. In your repo's "⚙️ Settings", set GitHub Pages to build/publish from the gh-pages branch. Wait for the first build of your site to complete (~3 minutes, multiple Actions workflows will run).

  3. Your repo should be initialized and your site should be live! Check your readme for the link.

A lot of the automation in this template relies on GitHub Actions, which sometimes (very rarely) goes down. Be aware of this in case a process in the template ever fails.

GitHub frequently changes and rearranges its web interface, so you may notice slight discrepancies in the instructions above. We've tried to write the instructions more abstractly, linking to GitHub's official documentation for more details.

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