Lab Website Template (LWT) is an easy-to-use, flexible website template for labs. Spend less time worrying about managing a website and citations, and more time running your lab.
This documentation always reflects the ✨ LATEST VERSION of the template.
Coming from a pre-release version of the template? See how to upgrade here.

Key Features

  • ​🤖 Based on Git, GitHub, and Jekyll.
  • ​📜 Automatically generated citations from simple identifiers (DOI, PubMed, ORCID, and many more) using Manubot. E.g. doi:1234/5678 -> title, authors, publisher, date, etc.
  • ​🧱 A comprehensive and flexible suite of pre-made components (building blocks) for structuring and styling your website:
    • Formatted tables, code blocks, figures, and other basic elements.
    • Citations with thumbnails and other rich details.
    • List large sets of data with flexible filters and components.
    • ...many more
  • ​👁️ Automatic pull request previews.
  • ​⚙️ Easy and automated configuration.
  • ​👥 Team member pages with bios, roles, and social media links.
  • ​🖋️ Blog posts with tags and rich content.
  • ​📱 Works and looks good on desktop and mobile.
  • ​🤝 Great documentation and support (if we do say so ourselves).
  • ... and much more!